Into the heart of Shanghai

Over spring break, students and faculty chaperones traveled to Shanghai to visit Peddie's sister school, EFZ. Each student will enjoy a homestay experience with a fellow EFZ student, participate in a host of group activities and work on an independent project in conjunction with an EFZ student partner.

From Mike:

After a fun morning filled with robotics and basketball, River, my partner took me on the metro to the heart of Shanghai’s financial district. I gazed in awe at the endless amounts of skyscrapers and architectural feats that were before me. Although I could tell how different this city was to those the United States, I also recognized the similarities. The fast paced life of the Shanghainese rivals that of the New Yorkers, and in my opinion overtakes them. 

After sightseeing we decided to grab a quick snack before we returned to People's Square for pickup. Later that night we toured the French concession where we took part in a history/sightseeing tour. Interestingly enough we stopped by a Catholic church that was designed in the style of a Chinese pagoda, which my partner claimed was one of the only ones in all of China. 

We ended the night with a hotpot fest where we enjoyed local meats and seafood. I loved the experience of cooking our own food in the specials broths and sauces, though handling the raw meat made me a little uneasy. It was delicious nonetheless and I enjoyed it very much. 

I was so exhausted by the end of the night that I feel asleep on the ride home, and pretty much sleep walked from the car to my host’s apartment!