Jing An Buddhist temple, Shanghai

Over spring break, students and faculty chaperones traveled to Shanghai to visit Peddie's sister school, EFZ. Each student will enjoy a homestay experience with a fellow EFZ student, participate in a host of group activities and work on an independent project in conjunction with an EFZ student partner.

From Tariq:

My host family greeted me with open arms and took me out for the biggest dinner I’ve ever had. It was just plate after plate of food, and it was nice. My stomach hurt a bit after, but the food was great.

However, this dining experience didn’t compare to our visit to the Jing An Buddhist temple in downtown Shanghai. The first thing that blew me away was the architecture. The building is made of stone, gold, and wood, but the coolest part is the details.


Inside, my amazement continued.


It was also nice to see children who could barely speak praying/offering respects to Buddha statues next to old people who had worshiped their whole lives. Some of the old people, along with the monks, were even teaching a few children how to pray correctly. My family is Christian so it was especially cool to see how another culture represents religion.