Music as a bridge between generations

Sue is a sophomore at Peddie and together with fellow musician Ariel '19 started what they hope will be a long lasting community service program combining music with outreach to a local senior community in Hightstown.

Qihui (Ariel) '19 and I wanted to further diversify the experiences students can gain through community service by giving students, especially musicians, an opportunity to volunteer at Meadow Lakes, a senior community near Peddie.

On our first trip , Anny '18, Sue '18, Ariel  '19, Emma '19, Alex '16, JT '16, Rocco '16, Ziyi (Sara) '19, Alex '18 and Yoyo '18 prepared a performance for the residents.

 We chose a variety of music, ranging from a Prokofiev violin duet (Anny and I) to Sara's traditional chinese instrument to Rocco's "Hey Jude." 

Our audience at Meadow Lakes seemed to absolutely love it, and the best part of the performance was getting to talk with them afterwards about their experiences with music and performing. We definitely plan to do this more regularly starting next fall!

Our hope is that this program will provide its the musicians of Peddie an opportunity to foster a deeper, more meaningful passion for music, and to connect this passion with a greater cause that goes beyond each individual student. By applying their talents outside of the Peddie gates, the group can engage in meaningful activity that enlivens our wider community. We hope our organization will help students at Peddie build stronger relationships with our senior neighbors through the charm of music. 

It is amazing how music can serve as a bridge between ages and views and further facilitate communication between young and old. We can all benefit from these kinds of interactions with the elderly, who can impart valuable knowledge gained from their lives in times different from ours. 

Community service is essential for learning beyond the classroom walls and developing meaningful relationships with people you would not regularly interact with. I hope this program fulfills its potential and lasts over the years, and will pave the way for a long-lasting relationship between Peddie and Meadow Lakes!