An entrepreneur, a mystery, a meal and a marketplace

As soon as exams ended and the dorms closed up, 15 students and three faculty chaperones packed their bags for a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Gianna and Marissa reported on today's events.

This morning we visited the house of Jim Thompson, a Princeton graduate who went to Thailand during WW2 and decided to remain there. He globalized the silk industry, thereby acquiring quite a bit of money. With his money, he built a beautiful home and bought many pieces of collectible, highly valuable art. 

 His home is now a museum with guided tours and a very pricey gift shop. On our tour we learned about Jim’s accomplishments, some art history, Thai culture, and the mystery of Jim’s disappearance. He went out for a short walk in Malaysia and never returned, nor was the body ever found. Was he eaten by wild animals, killed by a friend or enemy, or taken by the CIA? The world may never know.

 After a delicious lunch at a well-known Thai restaurant owned by the family of a Peddie alumnus (Roy Jitsakula ’16), we headed to the Khao San Road market. There we were able to practice our newly learned bargaining skills, and finally buy some elephant pants!