Phnom Penh Day 2

As soon as exams ended and the dorms closed up, 15 students and three faculty chaperones packed their bags for a trip to Thailand and Cambodia.

On our first full day in Cambodia’s capital we first visited the infamous Killing Fields where the Cambodian genocide took place. We watched a video about the gruesome violence Cambodia faced during the 1970s before firsthand seeing the mass graves and remains of the ones murdered.

The burial grounds were defined by a tall structure which held the bones of the people killed during the genocide. We then paid our respects by placing a flower and incense at the memorial.

We then headed to the Russian Markets to buy some souvenirs and work on our bargaining skills before lunch. 

Then we visited The Cambodia Daily where our very own Mr. Brown used to work. We learned more about journalism and the struggles the newspaper has faced with revealing information. We also got a tour of their office. After wards, we headed back to the hotel for a break before heading to watch a soccer game in the evening.