Up close and personal with elephants!

As soon as exams ended and the dorms closed up, 15 students and three faculty chaperones packed their bags for a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Saim and Robert share the events of a day at the Elephant Nature Park.

Today we visited the Elephant Nature Park, where we were able to interact 

with elephants that have been rescued from traumatic pasts. 

This was the first elephant we met. She is now 30 years old, and during
her childhood she was hurt in an illegal logging accident. Her ankle is
permanently broken, which makes it extremely difficult for her to walk.
But our tour guide assured us that despite her disability, she is still full of energy.
Our tour guide introduced us to many other rescued animals at the park.
Among the many cows, boars, and monkeys, our tour guide
showed us a particular water buffalo that was abandoned as a child.

This picture was taken towards the end of the day. Five of our
Peddie students were able to give this 100 year old grandma a nice bath. 
Many of the elephants we met were extremely social and friendly.
On multiple occasions elephants traveled in pairs and our tour guide
explained that many of them would rarely leave each other’s sides.
The elephants in this picture were a family that would
stick together and protect each other.