Welcome to Thailand!

As soon as exams ended and the dorms closed up, 15 students and three faculty chaperones packed their bags for a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. No time for jet lag - the group hit the ground running!

Yesterday was a very activity filled day in order to work off our jet lag, leaving basically all of us fast asleep by the end of it. We started the day off by visiting the third largest reclining Buddha in the world (our guide, Wat, told us that though it was not the largest, it was the prettiest). Fun fact: When Thai people heard that Buddha had curly hair, they imagined curly hair shaped more like ice cream cones because Thai people don’t have curly hair. We put coins in pots to get good karma.

We then headed over to the Grand Palace, which had beautiful artwork covering the walls telling the story of the Ramayana (Thai national epic). Though it is a Buddhist temple, it does contain a lot of Hindu influence. We all took plenty of pictures, even in the sweat drenching heat (which some of us are starting to get used to).

We ate a buffet lunch on a boat and then headed out for a boat tour and then to a temple that is currently under reconstruction. One of the most impressive things about Thailand is how intricate the designs on the building are. 

This temple’s designs were all made 
from used dishes! 

Another impressive aspect of Thai culture
is how much the people love the King,
with pictures of him on every street.

After a quick rest at the hotel, we were off to dinner and a show, where our very own Olivia was called up to play some music with the performers! Once we got back to the hotel, all of us were quite ready for bed.  


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